name: chase
age: 16
gender: male
location: usa
for the girls you don't know,
and for the girls you will know
watching: legend of korra
reading: the outsiders
listening to: zz ward
fangirling over: orphan black
who learn to breathe fire over mist.
"I dreamed of slaying the dragon, only to find that the dragon lives within."

it’s okay to cry // songs to listen to when everything is just too much and you need a good cry [listen]


true friendship is making up headcanons together and crying


My dream for the 2016 presidential election is not having to choose which human rights I’m feeling like compromising on.



2/3 Anime Sceneries ➵ Sword Art Online

I love to be surrounded by people who know what they want to do and are doing everything to get there. Nobody’s going to push you. You have do everything yourself because it’s all you. These kind of people brighten up my soul.

Optimistic and Inspired (via italian-luxury)


Does everyone remember that part of Kingdom Hearts 2 when we all thought that Goofy had fucking died and Mickey Mouse actually said the words, “They’ll pay for this…!” then threw off his Organization cloak like a stone hard motherfucker and went to exact vengeance for his fallen friend?


I mean, this is a canonically accurate depiction of what Mickey Mouse would do if one of his friends were killed and nobody ever talks about it.

orphan black meme | 1/1 otp: sarah and cal

"Can’t you stop running for a minute?"


alternatives to “it was all just a dream”

  • it was all just a story the narrator heard somebody else tell on the bus
  • it was all just somebody rambling after getting their wisdom teeth out
  • it was all just a feature length puppet show
  • it was all just a set of cave paintings
  • it was all just a frighteningly elaborate set of instructions on the back of a microwaveable meal

we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.

one of five movies: kill your darlings

Be careful.You are not in wonderland .I have heard the strange madness long growing in your soul.But you are fortunate. In your ignorance.In your isolation, you who have suffered.Find where love hides.Give. Share. Lose. Lest we die unbloomed.”


Kill Your Darlings + faceless



"all gays will go to hell"

oh noooo…. what will i do… surrounded with ……. nothing ……. but other homosexuals……….. u win this round……… god